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Wouldn't it be great if you could temporarily clone yourself?
Then you could actually have a chance at catching up, right? There always seems to be a lot more "things" to do then time to do it. And there's those other things too, yeah those, the ones you forgot from last week...ugh...

We can't make more of you but we CAN make your stormwater inspections simple and fast

so you don't have to worry about them anymore! MS4Inspect let's you complete your stormwater inspections quickly, keeping them organized and available in case you need to follow up on that contractor that just doesn't seem to listen. Or prepare for that audit. Or maybe to just stay in compliance with your stormwater program. We like to keep things simple by giving you the ability to do things like:
  •  Complete, schedule, print and email inspections
  •  Attach photos so everyone knows exactly what needs to be corrected
  •  Access your inspections at anytime from anywhere
Anywhere at Anytime, nothing to download.  Login and GO!
Our Stormwater Inspection applications work with any IOS, Android & Microsoft tablets and laptops.
Let Me Show You How it Works:
Step #1: Type of inspection
Simply choose what type of inspection you are conducting, routine, follow-up, rain event, etc.  Need different types? Less types? More types? No problem!  You can make those changes, and we can show you how.
Step #2: Fill out the form
Answer all of the questions, add any additional comments and corrective actions that need to happen.  You control the questions and if you need additional forms you have control over that as well.
Step #3: That's it! You're done!
Add photos or other attachments to your inspection if necessary.  You can also schedule follow-up inspections, add the weather all with a simple click!  How easy is that?
Let Me Ask You A Question
How much is your time worth?
Seriously, our time is our most precious commodity. Every minute and hour of every day spent on stormwater compliance is time you could INVEST elsewhere, right?
MS4Inspect will save you that TIME. What is that time worth? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands of dollars? Would you be willing to invest a few thousand dollars to eliminate one of the many tasks you have on your never ending to do list?

You would definitely want to MAKE SURE it worked before making that investment, wouldn't you?
Of course you would. That's why we offer you a 30 Day Risk Free Trial so you KNOW that MS4Inspect will not only do what we say it does but that it does what YOU need it to do.

After your 30 Day Trial continued access to MS4Inspect is ONLY $97/month.  You will have access to all of the following UNLIMITED features below:
  •  Unlimited Number of Projects
  •  Unlimited Number of Inspections
  •  Unlimited Types of Inspections
  •  Unlimited Number of Inspection Forms
  •  Unlimited Photo Storage
  •  Unlimited Chat Support
30 Day Risk Free Trial, cancel at anytime!
Still not convinced?
CBI Systems, Ltd. has over 16 Years of Experience Developing Compliance Software
Cities across the United States use our MS4web Compliance Platform and now we are bringing that same leading technology to you at a fraction of the cost to complete your stormwater inspections!

What do you have to lose? 

Let's review all the benefits you get with ZERO risk.

What do you have to lose? 

Let's review all the benefits you get with ZERO risk.
  • 30 Day Trial with complete access: We want you to know that the software will work for you.
  • Unlimited Projects: Add as many projects as you like!  Need to do multiple types of projects?  No problem.  You can conduct any type of inspection in any of the applications.  Simply add a new form.
  •  Unlimited Number of Inspections: We are trying to save you time and energy and relieve stress not add it by having to "manage" the amount of information you are adding to MS4Inspect.  Add as much as you need!
  • Unlimited Live Chat Help: We are here Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm CST.  Get all of your questions answered by a live operator.  Outside that time you can email us from the application and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
  •   Unlimited Files & Photos: Attach all of your necessary documentation to your inspection records.
  •  Integrated Training Assistant: Virtual walk-through of main features are included in the application to reduce training time.  In app training videos and other tips are also included.
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